Corrosion Protection & Automotive Refinishing

Stage 6 - Corrosion protection

Following the stripping process, Prostrip can prime complete body shells and smaller items. This primer treatment with its high zinc content offers superior long term protection. After the application stage the coating is oven cured, the body shell & panels are now protected with a tough impregnable layer. Compatible with all manufactures paint systems, fillers/sealants can be applied directly on to the coating. Colour RAL 7034 Beige.

Stage 7 - Final inspection

A thorough visual inspection is carried out along with localised adhesion & thickness checks. The Body shell is then covered and stored inside the temperature controlled building.

"Having total control of all our processes gives us a clear advantage"

Robert Elliott - Production manager


"Their new process is excellent I could not believe the transformation of my late mothers Morris Minor i'm restoring"

Geggs-Stevensons Garage Healey specialists



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