Stripping Process

Goods Inward / QA Control:

The vehicle is checked all over to determine ferrous or non-ferrous materials, (any non-ferrous parts such as aluminium or titanium are removed and processed with a non-chlorinated chemical). All items are identified for traceability and a corresponding worksheet produced to meet our standards.

Stage 1 - Decontamination of all organic materials including paint & underseal

Body shell loaded and secured on a protective frame for treatment. This process is automated and cycle time is determined by the amount of contaminants removed. Average process time 8-14 hours.

Stage 2 - Blow off high pressure air jetting to remove residues

Stage 3 - Phos-Strip™ (Full immersion)

- A chemical tanks containing the Phos-Strip™ solution. Its this part of the process that kills corrosion. Here any rust is dissolved.

Stage 4 - Passivation

The body shell is rinsed with a mixture of corrosion inhibitors to neutralise the chemicals.

Stage 5 - Welding/Repairs

At this stage the metal is now clean and free of rust and paint. Any necessary repairs can now be carried out before zinc coating

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